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One-night stand.
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20.11.21 06:49
Despite the fact that sex without commitment is a fairly common phenomenon today, archaic attitudes that exist in our minds prevent us from completely relaxing and enjoying the process.

So, women who have been taught since childhood that honor should be protected from a young age get into an ambiguous situation: on the one hand, sleeping with a man right away, it seems, is a bad thing. On the other hand, many ladies do this, and do not consider it a problem.

Men also have a mixture of feelings. They really want a woman to immediately agree to sex, but in parallel, many representatives of the stronger sex have the idea that since the lady managed to be divorced so quickly for sex, it means that she is basically "not heavy behavior", and is able to go to bed with everyone. Accordingly, not all gentlemen will consider such a woman seriously.

"The first goal of a man when he sees a woman he likes is to get her into bed. At the same time, this man does not build any plans for further joint life with the lady. But it happens that a woman "catches on" after sex, and the partner, it seems, does not mind continuing a relationship with her, but the idea that the young lady agreed to intimacy too quickly gets in the way. In the future, this may have a bad effect on the relationship. For example, partners will not trust each other, be jealous, and so on," the interpersonal relationship consultant notes.

The Art of seduction
A woman should never tell a man that she does not need anything from him except sex. Having voiced her thought, the lady simply subscribes to the fact that she is a "moth", because in the understanding of a man, her words are abnormal.

If a woman really wants a particular man for one night, you need to try to seduce him, but without vulgarity. The ideal option is with the help of female tricks, looks, smiles, sighs and so on, to turn the situation so that the man himself wants to spend the night with the seductress and went on the offensive.

Games that people play
A man who is set up for a one-time relationship usually says "protective" phrases before sex: "I'm married," or "I don't need a serious relationship," or "I'm passing through here," and so on. In any case, he puts some emphasis on the ease of the relationship so that the woman "does not roll her lip at him."

All. The man is calm. He warned his lady that the action was a one-time and non-binding. If the woman agrees, then there is a night of love. At the same time, the woman thinks differently: "I'm ready for one-time sex, I'm ready, but we'll see what happens next." That is, a representative of the fair sex is subconsciously still waiting for the continuation of the story. That's exactly why, after sex, she suddenly starts asking the man the "wrong" questions: "Will you call me again?", "When will we see each other again" and so on. If a man is not in the mood for further relationships, he says: "I didn't promise you anything" will just run away.