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Top 5 Trends of Using Advanced Application Development Services and Technol
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18.10.21 11:47
In this highly competitive era, software development is very essential for business to cope up with new technologies, market trends and methodologies. It’s not practical for anyone to learn all advanced technologies and systems therefore hiring a software development solutions providing company is a smart action. There are some important things that need to be considered and practiced by companies such as

1. Understand and use a modern scripting language:It is important for businesses to keep up with simple, quick and advanced tools for operations like Java IDE script. This programming language includes easy techniques and practices that have changed our attitude towards the program designs. The Ruby, Groovy and Python programming languages are the new and sophisticated alternatives.
2. Learn and adopt the  modern version control system:The business needs to start using Mercurial and Git which are very popular distributed SCM having different interface and nomenclature. If it is not possible to use them for business projects, you can try them on personal projects. These are relatively better to original cycle of development and better tools, than the CVS and SYN. These are secure and encourage the concept of affordable local branching.
3. Adopt NoSOL solutions (CouchDB and MongoDemoticon:These advanced solutions could be business transforming tools whereas the standard relational DBs approach their limits at performance and scaling. These are commonly known as ‘document oriented database’ which have flexible schemas and each row (from different fields) of structure can be taken into account. This concept of row becomes the concept of document. The Java Script Object Notation (JSON) is essential to consider for the robust and simple usage such as dynamic queries, map reduce support, data structures and efficient storage of binary data.
4. Learn a functional language:Along with imperative or object oriented designs, its time to learn more functional languages like Erlang, OCaml, Haskell and GHC (The Glassgow Haskell Complier) and Real world Haskell. Some of the business critical problems can be easily solved with functional approaches, so it becomes necessary for businesses to learn more than one functional language.
5. Study agile methods and concepts:Agile methods are not only useful for managers, but it is necessary for the entire team to have comprehensive understanding of their management and development processes. These methods perform various important tasks such as enforcing a small; standardize management and routine programmer work and controllable release, level, testing cycle. Along with that, it motivates good communication across the team. Some important derivatives of agile methods are as follow :

1. Test Driven Development (TDD)
2. Behavior Driven Development (BDD)
3. Continuous Integration (CI)
4. Extreme Programming (XP)
5. Scrum
6. Iteration-based development (deliver less but more frequently in well-defined short bursts)

Selecting right software and application development solutions providing firm is not easy task as with the increasing market scope there are thousands of service provider. Always look for a recognized company having good experiences and market credibility. A3logics is one of the leading business and software testing outsourcing that offers complete package of application development services at affordable prices. Quality and customer satisfaction are our priorities therefore we have enduring and reliable collaboration with prestigious clients of the industry.