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Distractions from studying have such a bad rep that many students try to find a study place that is as close as possible to allowing only studying and nothing else.

Libraries are a good example in this sense: in a library you are supposed to be more focused visit homepage on studying because of a lack of any distractions. But is it really true that you never get distracted from studying in a library?

Not really, as anything can be a trigger for your mind to start wandering far from what you are trying to study dissertation helps: a door opening, another person turning the page, or even a flower in a pot can become distractions as you find yourself wasting your time looking at them and breaking your concentration. This often happens because distractions from studying are in fact signs that you actually need a break.

Instead of fighting distractions off entirely (and losing the battle most of the times), it’s far better to take the lead and choose the distractions that actually make you smarter. Quite surprisingly for some, distractions that make you smarter actually exist and are even quite enjoyable, including for instance research paper helper and video games.
With all the outcry about social media causing addiction and making you lose your time (if not your minds even), you are probably surprised at the idea that social media qualifies in fact for a good distraction from studying, which can even make you smarter. Well, it’s all about how you use it, of course, and how much.