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Shark APEX Uplight Duoclean Vacuum: Incredible Suction Power

Shark APEX Uplight Duoclean Vacuum: Incredible Suction Power

The Shark APEX Uplight Corded Lift Away was created to combat the challenges of several upright vacuum cleaners being large cleaning equipment. It promises to provide high suction while being compact. The Shark APEX Uplight, as per the developer, is the ideal answer for occupied individuals in today's world.

Is this vacuum cleaner truly deserving of admiration, or is it simply the result of asymmetric knowledge and misleading advertising? Let's take a look at our whole Shark apex uplight review right now!


The Shark APEX UpLight Corded Lift Away is a multi-surface vacuum cleaner that can clean your bare floors, rugs, and even the ceiling over your head. Cleaning hose, cleaning wands, self-standing wheels, a pet multi-tool, and a duster crevice tool, to mention a few, are included.

In less than 5 minutes, you can build the vacuum. Furthermore, it is extremely simple to move it from one location to another when cleaning.

The only obvious flaw with this vac is its tiny dust container, which needs regular emptying.


Shark apex uplight features a compact design with a streamlined airflow that improves the device's suction and performance. The function provides the vacuum cleaner with not just high power, but also a lighter weight and superior air filtration.

In addition, the Shark Apex Uplight Lift-Away Duoclean has washable and reusable air filters, and a robust seal that can handle nearly any allergy. This barrier can also prevent air from escaping into the air before it passes through the filtering system.

Lift-Away Pod

The Lift-Away pod may be used to access difficult-to-reach places with a standard upright or canister vacuum. Cleaners can be connected directly to the cleaning tube or to a cleaning tool through the hose, allowing you to clean far-flung regions in a flash.

The Shark Uplight vacuum may be completely disassembled and just the primary pod used. As a consequence, you'll have no trouble vacuuming your stairs, draperies, and furnishings. You may attach a brush to the wand or detach the nozzle and then use the wand with the pod if you want.

Duoclean feature

The DuoClean floor nozzle with 2 brush rolls functioning concurrently is the highlight of this cleaner. It ensures cleaning effectiveness while minimizing customers' cleaning time and energy.

The first brush is for bare flooring, while the other is for thorough cleaning. Nothing is impossible with the Shark Apex Uplight owing to these 2 brushes. The vac may be used on any sort of surface, including tile floors, rugs, and ceilings.

Furthermore, because the 2 brushes clean at the same time, you may clean the entire building with different sorts of surfaces at the same time. The deep cleaning brush roll also has a self-cleaning mechanism that allows it to automatically remove hair, grime, and particles.

Power Cord

This vacuum's power cord is extremely lengthy, letting people clean a large area without having to frequently change the plug.

Furthermore, the vacuum features a system that protects both customers and the device by immediately turning off the engine power if the vacuum becomes too hot to handle.

To summarize, we feel that the Shark apex uplight duoclean is a fantastic choice for people who value the vacuum's high suction, easy configuration, and low price.
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