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Why do schoolchildren need economics?

The course should be hands-on - with financial games, tasks and training.

Every year at the beginning of the school year, discussions flare up about the practicality and appropriateness of school educational programs. For example, you need whether mandatory students to study economics? Or should it be transferred to the category of optional courses, which are deliberately chosen only by those who plan to connect their lives with work in business and in finance? We decided to look into this issue in more detail.

What is economics?

Economics is a science primarily about relationships between people who need to make decisions in conditions of limited resources. The concept of "resources" includes not only money, it is also the time spent on certain tasks, intellectual capital (human knowledge and their value). With economic relations every European student faces every day: buying juice in the cafeteria has an economic transaction, and on it are subject to the basic economic laws.

How do European schoolchildren study economics ?

In Europe, economics is a compulsory general education subject, and it is included in the final exams . At its own discretion, it is included in the program of individual colleges, lyceums and even ordinary schools in specialized classes, in which students are prepared for admission to financial and economic specialties in universities. As a rule, schools do not open separate vacancies for teachers of economics, and this subject is taught by teachers of related courses.

The course of economic knowledge, which is taught in a general education school , is simplified as much as possible, it gives an idea of basic concepts and practically does not concern deep mathematical calculations. At the same time, it is clear and simple, allows the student to become interested in this science, to get an idea of how economic laws work in real life.

Why Study Economics?

Economics allows you to get a clear idea of how the surrounding world works. Why did the food rise in price? How will the jump in the national currency affect the family budget? Why did Katya and Masha receive the same grades at school, but Katya's salary is barely enough to live on , while Masha rests abroad three times a year? People who have no idea of ​​the market will say “lucky”. But in fact, this is an elementary economic law: Julia, as a specialist, sold herself and her knowledge at a higher price. Someone looks with envy at the vacancies of Unicredit and thinks that they will never be able to receive that kind of money. But the reason is that the person himself refused to invest in his education. After all, acquiring knowledge is also an investment in oneself, that is, economic relations. To know the economy better, you need to solve problems using it. If these tasks are difficult for you, seek help from specialists who will explain them on your fingers https://essayassistant.org/economics-help/.

K Unfortunately, it must be noted that the population of Europe in the majority of economically illiterate. And this leads to big problems: people simply do not know how to plan their budget, take loans from banks, can not pay them off and become bankrupt.

Practical application of economic knowledge

Learning to use economic knowledge consciously is very important. Moreover, in practice it is easier to understand theoretical material. For example, the concept of “ passive income ” is not so easy for schoolchildren . But if you offer the child to save pocket money not in a piggy bank, but on a deposit (you can agree with the parents about the payment of "interest", that is, they can be drawn into an exciting economic game), he will see that passive income is profitable, and the money works by itself on its own, and the child receives a financial benefit. In the future, this motivates an adult to look for opportunities for passive income and investment - and both he and the country's economy will benefit from this .

Or start a financial diary and write down all expenses, and then cross out the articles that you can refuse and instead buy something really necessary and useful. For example, if you give up soda for a week , you can buy a T-shirt with a fashionable print, which you so wanted, but your parents refused. Adolescents, and most adults, simply do not understand how much various useless purchases of goods "gobble up" that seem to cost a little, but a huge amount comes out with their daily consumption. There are many such examples. If you still teach economics at school, you should understand that not all teachers can provide quality education. It is impossible to leave this subject without understanding, therefore if you have any questions about any economic task - ask essay writing help .

A year after leaving school, yesterday's schoolchildren, according to the law, become fully adults - they receive full legal capacity and already independently manage their finances. They will make money and spend it - so it is very important to teach them how to do it right.

And instead of a conclusion

It is necessary to study economics at school. But this should be a course for high school students who are already quite mature and logical thinking. And the course itself should not be a boring presentation of theoretical material, but a practical one - with financial games, tasks and trainings. Then schoolchildren will not only fall in love with economics, but also understand it and apply knowledge in real life.


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