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"Boyf!" I hissed. "Are you sure it's a guard dog because this alarm sounds like it's in the flat?!"

"Guard dog? What are you talking about?"

"You said a guard dog had set off the alarm. Or something..." I said realising how ridiculous this conversation was.

"I did?" and he turned over on his back and rubbed his eyes.

"Yes you frigging did." and I was tempted to nudge him out of the bed.

"Are you sure it wasn't YOU who said it was a guard dog?" he said accusingly.

"Just go and check it out! You KNOW it was you!"

He got out of bed huffily and I heard him go into the kitchen, and the alarm got even louder, then there was a small bang and then the alarm sounded as if it had gone crazy and then finally nothing. He came back into the bedroom and announced "It was the fire alarm" and got back into bed.

"Big difference between a fire alarm and a guard dog!" I wisecracked and the two of us were crying with laughter in the bed. We both tried to go back to sleep but kept emitting giggles.

"Did I mention that I fell asleep on the train and my watch has been stolen?" he said a few minutes later.

"WHAT????!!!!" and he explained that he thought it may have happened when he missed his stop.