He asked me what I would like to drink and I said I like the sweet green tea (as soon as I knew we were going to Teaism I started fantasizing about it). He said, I'll get you one and jumped up and went back inside before I even had a chance to stand up. He left his NYTimes, which I started to read. He'd doodled all over it and I tried not to examine the doodles--it felt like invading his privacy. I opened up a page and read an article about Jerry Orbach and it made me sad. (Jerry, I will miss you so much.) Archie came back with my sweet green tea and we decided to walk around since it was so pretty. We started walking and I started talking. He asked me lots of questions, where had I lived, where were my parents from, where did I go to school. I did reciprocate, but my answers (surprise, surprise) were usually a bit longer. He steered us down to the circle where there were plenty of open benches and we sat and continued to talk.

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